February 07, 2024


The Labyrinth, A Trailer

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Joel David Lesses
The Labyrinth, A Trailer
Unraveling Religion
The Labyrinth, A Trailer

Feb 07 2024 | 00:03:07


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In this trailer of The Labyrinth Podcast, Lisa Carley introduces the podcast's orgins, philosophy, topics, and terrain covered in curiosity of life and existence with these conversations, an invitation to join. 




2015; 'The Sound of Silence' (Instrumental); Immortalized; Reprise Records

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Welcome to the labyrinth. Through dialogue, we discover so much about ourselves, about a topic that we're considering in that space of sharing ideas, new ideas emerge. It sort of like creates an opening, this spiritual opening, where both people are present and new thoughts arise. And there's a synergy that's created. So many beautiful ideas have arisen. [00:00:32] Speaker B: And the reason why the name the. [00:00:34] Speaker A: Labyrinth arose for me is because on Christmas Eve, I went to the famous Grace cathedral in San Francisco, which is where I live. And they have a beautiful labyrinth in the courtyard. The peacefulness, the intention, the thoughtfulness. [00:00:55] Speaker B: We don't have a particular destination. When we start a conversation, we just take a step into the labyrinth, and then we take another step, and then we take another step, and there's something so beautiful, it's like we're stepping into an alchemical space. Our ideas, our musings, imaginings, they are turned into something magnificent, something priceless in the sharing of it, in the organic unfolding of it, of deep reflection and dialogue. [00:01:33] Speaker A: So the idea of the labyrinth is. [00:01:35] Speaker B: To create that space, to be invited into that contemplative space and to become a part of that dialogue. The openness, intrepid exploration with the only goal of being present to what arises, and allowing an openness with the universe, with the deepest part of ourselves, and with the presence of another person and honoring their presence as well. The topics that I tend to be most interested in range from education, psychology, the nature of relationships, science and technology, philosophy, mysticism, spirituality, the arts, and how these very broad categories coalesce to propel us into a deeper knowing, to be like an arrow, that we pull the bow back, we position the arrow and we just let it fly, and we don't know exactly where it's going to go. And we're open to that because all of these things, these physical properties, that. [00:02:52] Speaker A: We can't see where the arrow goes. [00:02:57] Speaker B: And so it's with that intention that we launch our podcast journey together.

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